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"We are committed to providing intelligent, elegant design that responds to the needs of the clients."

We are a multi-award winning interior design studio founded by Stefano Tordiglione, an Italian designer. His art direction is an intuitive blending of East and West; staying conscious of design trends while respecting both his Italian roots and the local cultures of Asia.


We are committed to providing intelligent, elegant design that responds to the needs of the clients. Our studio provides

multi-disciplinary professional interior design and architectural services in these area:  Retail, Hospitality, Office, Residential, Architecture, Products, Graphic + Packaging, Art direction and design consultancy service. 

To achieve best quality of design, we draw from these three core values: Creativity, Trust and Flexibility.

Fundamentally, it is creativity that gives life to our design process. Each client brings their unique needs and requirements, our passion is to translate this into the space. It energises us. It is how we use this energy that sets us apart from other designers.


Our clients trust us with their values, their aspirations and their history. In return, we offer our hallmark intuition, driven by industry knowledge and research, to design in harmony with their true identity.  


This is our flexibility.  We start anew with every project, listening to the clients' unique needs to create their personalized design. This gives each of our spaces their own individual hallmark, a day to day elegance that truly fits the clients' needs. 


Since the establishment of the studio,  more than 100 projects have been completed including Brooks Brothers Fashion Boutiques, Wellendorff Jewellery Boutique, Genesis Creative Working Space, Sal Curioso Spanish Restaurant, etc. Numerous private luxury estates have been designed in Hong Kong, China, Austria, Italy and France.


The main office is based in Hong Kong. It also works in partnership with architectural and interior design studios in Italy, including Rome, Milan and Florence.


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Stefano Tordiglione

Creative Director

Born in Italy, Stefano moved to New York  and London to study and work in art and design in the 1990s.  He has also collaborated with UNICEF as Project Manager and Art Director in Italy. He founded Stefano Tordiglione Design in 2010, leading international interior and architectural projects across Europe and Asia. Stefano oversees the creative direction of the studio,  conceiving bespoke design solution for each client.






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